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Every great dream begins with a dreamer...

Great lines by Harriet Tubman! Dreams are the most powerful tool of human mind. Your bullet journal gives you the power and direction to make those dreams a reality. If you love your bullet journal and if it has empowered you too, then we would like to accompany you in your bullet journaling journey. This journey is not only about bullet journaling, but to each and every idea which inspires you, motivates you to act on it, and make your dreams come true.


The Shop

Our goal is to become India's own bullet journal stationery shop with options for everyone. We understand your planning needs and continuously try to improve our product. Therefore, we have created a wide range of products to choose from. 

We test all our products before launching them, so that we can ensure the quality.

The Blog

The Jotting Dots (TJD) blog pages are just like the dotted pages of your bullet journal. Whether you want to plan a day or doodle something, the dot grids are there to guide you out. Similarly, TJD blog is here to give you ideas, inspirations and much more. Some pages are filled with creativity, some are there to keep you on track, and some are to lighten your mood after a hectic day. We keep inviting other bullet journalist to bring more and more inspiration for you guys. TJD is an ad free blog, we don't want to distract you with ads. Your attention and time, which you devote in reading our blog posts matters to us.

Cute Notebooks
Ashish Sharma
Deeksha Bhardwaj

A little bit about us

A dentist with a MBA in health, I took a major turn in my career. I quit my job in December 2018, when I conceived. I decided to focus my time and energy for the upcoming few years on my baby. This was the time I again started painting and journaling. Painting is like meditation to me and bullet journaling keeps me organised and motivated. As, I wanted to incorporate paint in my bullet journal, I needed a dot grid notebook with higher GSM. But that time, there were no Indian brand making these notebooks in higher GSM range. The only option were international and very costly. In May 2020, Ashish, my husband suggested why cannot we make such notebooks? A project which we started just for exploration, soon became our goal and in September 2020, we launched our notebooks. I have an inclination toward India’s rich art and culture, therefore all our designs are Indian and have a story to tell. Nothing comes without dedication and hard work. We both have given our 100 percent effort to The Jotting Dots and are still learning and growing.

- Deeksha

Co-founder, TJD

"Embrace the creativity and don't care about the result. It's better to be a beginner till the end of the life than waiting forever to be perfect.” 

- Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

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