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Meet this Captivating Calligrapher - Vandana Shankar from Let's do it Calligraphy

“Each letter in every script known to man holds an eternal power, an individual beauty in its vertical, horizontal, angular lines, in their continuity!”

- Achyut Palav, Indian Calligrapher

Writing is not just a way of expressing your thoughts and ideas on paper; it can also be an extremely appealing form of art. We are celebrating the World Calligraphy Day today, and so we decided to introduce a wonderful Calligraphy artist – Vandana Shankar from Let’s do it calligraphy to you guys!

First thing first - Happy Calligraphy Day! Let’s start with introducing you to our readers!

Hey everyone, Happy Calligraphy Day! I'm Vandana aka Let's do it Calligraphy on IG. I am 19 years old and pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Commerce. I am a part time lettering artist and a lettering instructor.

In the recent years, I have taught the skill of hand lettering and compositions to many students.

"The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today!"

So Vandana, how would you describe your journey in the field of calligraphy?

Frankly, I started doing Hand-lettering and Calligraphy as a fun activity, but I soon realised how therapeutic it was. When I come back home after a super tiring day with lots of classes, assignments and hustle bustle, the only thing that I find relaxing is a cup of chai and practicing my basic strokes!

It has now been two years since I have started my lettering journey - I started lettering on 4th June 2019 and started my Instagram page. Since that day, I have been exploring and creating something better than yesterday, every day!

"Humble like the moon, caring like the sun!"

If you could explain your style in one sentence, what would it be?

I would describe my style as funky, colourful, inspiring and full of happy vibes. As a content creator, I love touching the topics of self-love, affirmations, mental and physical health through my art.

Every artist goes through a time when they feel low. How do you find inspiration in such tough times?

My source of inspiration is basically my failed artworks! Whenever I look at them, I realise how far I've come from where I started. The fact that I am discarding something which my past self wouldn’t even imagine creating - gives me an instant boost of confidence. I reassure myself that I'm more than what I'm feeling right now, take a nap and bounce back to creating something I love!

"I don't chase, I attract. What belongs to me will simply find me!"

Are there any artists you look up to for inspiration?

Is it appropriate to say- Me! Haha!

Honestly, I can't mention any particular artist(s). Rather, I would say - the whole art community! The art community inspires me to create content regularly, go out of my comfort zone and I love it.

Have you received professional training in the filed of calligraphy, or have you always been an explorer and evolved yourself?

I'm a completely self and time taught artist; and I'm so proud of myself. I have been my own mentor, trying out different artforms for over 2 years now. Eventually, I realised that I love lettering and even in this niche, I am still exploring my style.

"I do a thing called what I want!"

We all have had a glimpse of your fabulous art by now. So apart from Calligraphy, do you explore other artforms?

As of now, I'm focusing on creating compositions and trying out different methods to make my style as unique as I can. But apart from lettering, I love transforming random objects like coasters, walls, pots and what not. Also I'm very good at cooking as well:)

I have also tried my hands at painting, doodling, journaling etc but I'm working on specialising myself in something I'm really good at - lettering.

Your one absolutely favorite art supply?

This is one of the toughest questions for any artist! But if I really have to choose one, I will go for Brushpens. I love ‘Pentel Sign Brushpens’ the most - just give me a notebook and pentel brush pens and I can spend my whole year with them without cribbing. But, I will also not deny to get more art supplies when I'll get the chance.

"If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete!"

What will be your message to the budding artists trying calligraphy?

I believe, that to excel at something; be it an artform or any field of life, it is important to practice consistently! No talent will help if you're not working to improve and sharpen your existing skills. So my message to budding artists will be the cliché one - Practice consistently, work on sharpening your skills and fly!

The Cassiopeia constellation

What are your tips to the bullet journaling community who are interested in this art form?

Bullet journaling is such a versatile artform, and there's a lot of scope in it. So for people who want to get started in bullet journaling, just start and eventually you will find your style. I firmly believe that starting something is the most crucial step to excel in something!

What would be your suggestions for promoting this art form further?

Education! I try to educate as many people as I can so that art in today's world can be considered as a career!


"The whole art community inspires me to create content regularly, go out of my comfort zone and I love it."

So guys, we hope you had as much fun looking at her cheerful art as we did. Happy Calligraphy Day, and don't forget to have fun in the process!

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