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Meet this Paper Magician - Gauri Karnik from @coloredpaperstudio

Hey Folks!

The humble ‘Paper’ is one of the most basic supplies in every artist’s collection. A piece of paper can be treated in so many ways – folded, cut, layered, glued, molded, stitched and what not!

In today’s blog, we are talking to one such artist, Gauri from @colouredpaperstudio who is blessed with the ability to turn simple pieces of paper into such magnificent art.

So let's dive right into the conversation!

So Gauri, let’s start with a brief introduction of you and your art form!

Hi, I am Gauri. I am 33 years old. I make paper art works - which means that I put together different shapes of paper pieces together to make illustrations. I also love drawing cute sketches and making sticker sheets!

When I think of paper art, it is like designing and creating your own puzzle and putting it together. The feeling of satisfaction that comes when you see what was in your head coming together is unmatched.

A paper art with the message - Keep moving forward!

The art form you practice is a niche that is still quite unexplored, and your work intrigues us to dive deeper into this. How did you start your journey, and where do find inspiration for your work?

I was an architecture student and as a part of our curriculum, we had to make models for our projects, which I always enjoyed making but never really paid too much attention to it. So when I decided to pursue making illustrations as a career, that must have subconsciously played a part, as I was instantly drawn to paper art. Now, it has been some 3-4 years since I started practicing this art.

An illustration from the 'Upto no good' Witch series

Frankly, inspiration to me can strike anywhere and in any form. It is not one thing, it’s small things that are around me. It could be a photo I see somewhere, some quote or words, some small, cute moments, and things I like (like coffee!), looking at other artist’s work also helps, if you are not blindly copying it!

'New Pet' - Based on my own enthusiasm of having a first pot plant. Poor thing died (R.I.P.) which made me wonder what plants think of us when they first meet us, which inspired this.

Which fellow artists do you follow for inspiration?

When I started drawing, I found lot of amazing artist’s work on Instagram. One of the first artist was Ira Sluytenrman van Langeweyde, her illustrations are a pleasure to look at and are incredibly detailed! For paper artwork, Brittney Lee’s work inspired me to try out paper layering art. Her work is so vibrant and beautiful, and I love how she plays with shapes and colours.

Recently I came across a water colour illustrator, Gemma Capdelila, and she has inspired me to try water colour paintings as well!

The 'Music' series - Girl playing Sitar
The 'Music' Series – Girl playing Saxophone
The ‘Music’ series - Girl playing flute

How did you learn paper art – are you self-taught or do you have a mentor?

I am a self-taught artist and I have learned by practicing, making stuff and failing. I have failed in a lot of things in life; but I have always made sure to stand up again and learn from those experiences. In this process, I eventually managed to find my true calling.

Which other art forms can we spot you indulging in? Apart from paper (of course!), what are your favourite art materials?

I have tried calligraphy and although I love it, it’s not something I do great! But that could be my retirement plan.

As for my favourite art supplies, I am more comfortable with traditional mediums. So pencils, colour pencils, gouache paints and water colours top the list of my favourites!

An illustration from the 'Upto no good' Witch series

In today’s digital era, how do you plan to promote paper art further? Also, what are your words of advice for budding artists?

I am well-aware that very few people know that such san art form even exists. I plan to use my digital following to increase awareness by sharing some process videos to show how this art form works! Along with that, I would love to take workshops teaching this style someday.

For budding artists, I would like to keep it simple by saying, ‘Have patience, and practice - a lot!


"I have failed in a lot of things in life; but I have always made sure to stand up again and learn from those experiences. In this process, I eventually managed to find my true calling..!"

So guys, this was Gauri Karnik, who creates magic from the often ignored art supply - Paper!

If you want to check more of her work and would like to venture into the unexplored realm of paper art, you can find her at:




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