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Meet this Watercolour Wizard - Shivi Galhotra from @_coloursandallthat_

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well! Every year, the month of July is celebrated as the ‘World Water Colour Month’ and it is definitely a great time to experiment around with this wonderful medium.

Did you guys know that Watercolor painting is extremely old, dating perhaps to the cave paintings of paleolithic Europe, and has been used for manuscript illustration since ages!

So here we are, talking to Shivi Galhotra from @_coloursandallthat_ about her love for water colours!

Let’s start by knowing you better!

My name is Shivi Galhotra. I am an artist based in Delhi and currently pursuing BFA from College of Art, Delhi. I really love painting and trying out different mediums. Apart from art, I enjoy reading books, watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. (who doesn’t?) and going out with my close friends and family. Baking is another thing I love trying my hands at!

Koi fish using Water colour inks

How did you find your love for water colours?

I have been creating art with water colours since a long time now. However, “Depth Painting” – which is my art form; I started around 6 months ago. I was always keen on having a unique art style of my own, and this is something I enjoy doing as well.

Love for florals!

How would you describe the art form of “Depth painting”?

Depth is a basic building block of all visual art, which creates a strong sense of reality in a painting. I feel my style is all about enhancing the depth in a painting, and thus bringing it to life in a way. I use different techniques in which I use multiple colours; which makes my style unique.

What is your source of inspiration and whose work inspires you the most?

My main source of inspiration is undoubtedly Nature. I love creating floral-themed art works. As for my favourite artists, I really like Nikhat Sheikh (@nikhatillustrations). Her work inspires me a lot.

Another floral themed artwork

So Shivi, as you mentioned earlier, you are currently pursuing a degree in arts. What made you do so?

I have been inclined towards art ever since I was a kid. As I grew up, my interest in this field grew further. Hence, I decided to take that up as my career. So now, I am a formally trained artist!

By now, we have all realised your love for water colours. But apart from this, are there any mediums you like trying?

Yes, I love water colours and I have even tried to make my own handmade water colour paints

However, I also like doing various other art forms and mediums. Acrylic, Oil paintings and Resin Art would be some of them.

A Water Colour illustration celebrating Pride month!
A colourful Summer delight!

Is there anything you would like to advise all budding artists about?

Since we were kids, we all have constantly heard – Practice makes a man perfect! The same applies to art. I would also suggest all budding artists to keep patience as everything comes with practice. You cannot be perfect in one stroke in one day.

Where can we further admire your work?

You can find me at Shivi Galhotra (@_coloursandallthat_)

Lastly, what would be your suggestions for promoting this art form further?

I feel that most of us have experimented with water colours now or then; they are a fairly common medium of artwork. But for the particular technique of depth painting, practice is really necessary.

"Since we were kids, we all have constantly heard – Practice makes a man perfect! The same applies to art. I would also suggest all budding artists to keep patience as everything comes with practice!"

So guys this was all from Shivi, whose artworks are definitely a treat to the eyes. I hope her art gave you enough inspiration to take out your palette and water colours, and just let your brushes glide!

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